Hasakah residents bid farewell to the martyr Raghib Bargash  

Al-Hasakah people’s city in North and East Syria farewell to the body of martyr Raghib Bargash “Josor Khabat’ who was martyred during his duty in Humanity & Security campaign in al-Hol Camp.

SDF announced in a statement on 8 September that two of its fighters were martyred during the "Humanity and Security" campaign in a clash with an ISIS mercenary armed cell in the 5th sector inside al-Hol Camp, the most dangerous camp in the world.

The people of the city of Hasaka buried the body of the martyr Raghib Barghash, nom de guerre: Josor Khabat, who was martyred while carrying out his duty, during the "Humanity and Security" campaign.

T/ Satt.


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