​​​​​​​Hasakah components: Turkey uses water as a pressure card against region's peoples, AA

The components of al-Hasakah affirmed that Turkey cutting off water is another war waged by the occupation against the peoples of the region and the democratic project in particular with the aim of thwarting and eliminating it.

The Turkish occupation has continued to cut off the Euphrates River water since January 27th of this year, which has led to receding water in addition to a significant decrease in the level of the river course, built lakes and dams.

In this regard, Hawar news agency met with a number of components of Hasakah to talk about this issue. Imad Tatriyan of


the Armenian component in Hasakah city said: "The Turkish occupation is using a new and systematic policy to suffocate the peoples of north and east Syria by using water as a pressure card in its favor."

Imad Tatriyan demanded International organizations and United Nations to intervene quickly to find a solution to the problem


of withholding and cutting off water by the Turkish occupation from the areas of north and east Syria."

For his part, Suleiman Hamo of the Yazidi component explained, "We are living in very tragic situations, since Turkey and its mercenaries' occupation of Serêkaniyê area and taking control of Allouk station, as they cut off water from the area from time to time."

Hamo considered the occupation cutting off water as "another war waged by the occupation against the peoples of the region and the democratic project in particular, with the aim of thwarting and eliminating it, trying to prove the weakness of the Autonomous Administration in securing water for the peoples of the region."

As for Citizen Massoud Sido, he said: "Every time the Turkish occupation cuts off water from the area, our suffering


increases, and we face difficulty in sustaining life, so we resort to buying water from tanks."

  At the end of his speech, Sido demanded "the organizations concerned to intervene, stand by the peoples of the region and save them from the humanitarian crime committed by the Turkish occupation state against them."




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