Hard work to improve educational process in al-Raqqa

The Education Committee is playing a major role in the educational process in order to improve the education reality embracing a large number of students who have been deprived of studying for years because of the crisis witnessed in the country, in particular in al-Raqqa city.


Al-Raqqa Civil Council has undertaken its tasks to support the education sector and open schools for the children again. Several committees have established by the Council, including the Education Committee which had a clear presence in the return of large numbers of residents of al-Raqqa city and its rural areas to the studying desks.

Al-Raqqa Civil Council has effectively contributed to the rehabilitation of damaged and destroyed schools after being used as military headquarters and workshops to repair the cars of the terrorist factions that had dominated al-Raqqa city.

About 317 schools distributed to the al-Raqqa city and its countryside have been repaired by the Education Committee. The number of students within these schools is 115 thousand students, and they will be taught by 4,200 teachers who have degrees in all educational specialties.

However, despite the limited possibilities of the Committee, the schools have been rehabilitated in terms of building an external wall surrounding the school, the installation of doors, windows, the establishment of playgrounds, and the opening of institutes for training the teachers that aim at strengthening the training methods.

The administrator in the management of schools Nahla Ismail said, "This year, we faced difficulties in the beginning, but it is our duty to stand up the challenges. It was our priority at the beginning to establish al-Raqqa Civil Council, and to open schools for the students to eliminate the ignorance that has implanted in the minds of the children for years."

She added, "We will work to open large numbers of schools and rehabilitate others as much as possible to restore the spirit of the educational life to the schools and embrace all the children of al-Raqqa city and its countryside in order to acquire the knowledge to create an educated generation capable of fulfilling its future desires."



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