Hamo: Buffer zone is Turkish pretext to revive Daesh

Politician Shukri Hamo said that Turkey is seeking to revive mercenaries by exporting its internal crisis abroad by occupying the region in various forms, including the establishment of a "buffer zone". He also stressed the rejection of the Turkish plans by the people of the region and their political parties.

The Turkish occupation continues its violations against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria through the occupation of many Syrian areas and trying to occupy the areas of northern and eastern Syria in several ways, and "the buffer zone" is one of these ways.

On this subject, ANHA interviewed with a member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Shukri Hamo, who stressed that Turkey's goal is to occupy the region and revive mercenaries, to invade the region and build a buffer zone.

The Turkish occupation is trying to revive Daesh

"The Turkish occupation was leading Daesh militarily and logistically, and the collapse of Daesh is not in favor of Turkey because it implements its plans through these mercenaries. Therefore, the Turkish occupation is trying through these threats to occupy northern and eastern Syria," Hamo said

Turkey can establish a buffer zone in its borders if it wants, not in the north and east of Syria because the people of northern and eastern Syria pose no threat to its security and borders," Hamo said.

The aim of the Turkish occupation of the "buffer zone" is to eliminate the democratic experiment in northern and eastern Syria

The people of northern and eastern Syria will pose no threat to Turkey and will not attack its borders. But the fears of the Turkish occupation are from the democratic experience in Rojava and northeastern Syria. "He said

Hamo pointed out that "the objective of the Turkish occupation is not the buffer zone and the protection of Turkey's borders, but to export its crisis beyond its borders after it collapsed in the region and the loss of municipal elections in major cities."

Hamo stressed that the people of northern and eastern Syria and their political parties rejected the Turkish efforts to occupy the region and they would defend their democratic experience.



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