Hamida Yagit: Turkey holds the ball of fire, may witness deep crisis soon

 Middle East affairs expert Hamida Yegit said that Turkey's receipt of the S-400 system, oil exploration operations on average and Turkish threats against north and east of Syria, Turkey has been entered in a critical position that it cannot overcome. "Turkey is carrying the ball of fire and there will be a deep crisis soon," she said.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with Middle East affairs expert, Hamida Yegit, talked about Turkey's receipt of the S-400 Russian system, as well as US sanctions against Turkey and Turkish threats against north and east of Syria.

'Turkey considers Russia is the key of the safety

Turkey will pay a heavy bill for its foreign policy, she said "The countries of the region, as well as the United States of America, are trying to cleanse their hands of jihadist gangs, so they have stopped supporting these gangs in Syria, but the jihadists there have become a burden on Turkey. Turkey has reached a stage where the costs are high because of its loss there. Rely on Russia, and see in Russia safety. "

Hamida Yegit has confirmed that the mere mention of the name of the US sanctions on Turkey will negatively affect Turkey, "the Turkish economy is very sensitive, is suffering a deep crisis, and once the name of sanctions, it leads to the devaluation of the Turkish lira directly, so Turkey pays a large bill because of this crisis.

"This is not only about US sanctions, but also about oil exploration in the Mediterranean, which is opposed by many countries ... The EU has imposed a series of sanctions on Turkey on this issue, and these sanctions will contribute significantly to deepen the crisis in Turkey."

'Any action against the Kurds will negatively affect Turkey'

She noted that Turkey may carry out a military operation against the Kurds if the United States does not show any positions against it. "Turkey knows very well that America will not accept any operation against the Kurds, especially after the receipt of the S-400. There will be no operation outside the border against the Kurds, but there may be a specific process, and even this specific process will return heavy losses on Turkey, so the message that will be directed by America in this regard is very important.



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