Hamid al-Abd: Erdogan's demographic change is not the product of the moment

The co-chair of Girê Spi Provincial Council, Hamid Al-Abed, pointed out that Erdogan's demographic change is not the result of the moment, but that it has been practiced since the beginning of the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories, calling on the international community and the Russian guarantor to put an end to greed and violations against the defenseless people.

The talk of the co-chair of the Girê Spi Provincial Council, Hamid Al Abd, came in response to the statements of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which he announced that his country had started work on establishing settlements in the Girê Spi and Serekaniye areas it occupies to settle the Syrian refugees there.

The Turkish state aims to occupy our land and steal our property

Hamid Al-Abed started his speech by saying: “The goals of the Turkish state and its followers are clear to us as a Syrian people we live in a safe land, which is the occupation of our regions, and it has given our land and our possessions to the mercenaries who implement their agendas and their ambitions to occupy neighboring lands, as it did previously in the Syrian lands occupied by Afrin and Jarablus.”

“The Turkish occupation is implementing its plans to change the demography of the region”

Al-Abd added, “Since the beginning of its occupation of Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad and Serekaniye / Ras al-Ain, he started implementing his plan, and resettling the families of his mercenaries, instead of the original inhabitants, numbered more than 300 thousand forcibly displaced in each of the above-mentioned regions and they were displaced.”

Hamid Al-Abd pointed out that "the mercenaries have seized all the property of those who were displaced from Tel Abyad, and their number is approximately 65 thousand, and they planted the land of the displaced with the wheat and barley they stole."

During his speech, he indicated that the council has documentation of the seizure of property of 3,200 workers of the Autonomous Administration, who have been displaced for fear of their lives, or being kidnapped and imprisoned.

Hamid Al-Abd noted that "this change will create problems and disputes between the indigenous people and the settlers from the families of mercenaries, because the people are the real owners of the land and will not accept the occupation of their lands whatever it takes."

Al-Abd denounced the international and Arab silence, especially the Syrian regime, regarding the violations that are taking place against the Syrian citizens at the hands of an aggressor state that tolerates their land and people.

The co-chair of Girê Spi Provincial Council / Tel Abyad Hamid Al-Abd appealed to the international community and the Russian guarantor to put an end to the Turkish state's ambitions for Syrian lands, and the daily violations committed against the defenseless and safe people in their lands, and for the Russian guarantor to keep its promises to the people of the occupied areas to stop these violations.



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