Hamdan Al-Abed: Clans infighting one of private methods of warfare

The Vice of the Co-presidency of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Hamdan Al-Abed indicated that there are cells linked to the Syrian and Turkish regimes that work directly on creating strife. Al-Abed considered that provoking clan fighting is one of the special methods of warfare against the people of northeast Syria.

Vice of the Co-presidency of the AANES, Al-Abed spoke in an exclusive interview with Hawar News Agency, about Deir ez-Zor events.

 Cells linked to the Turkish and Syrian regimes behind the assassinations

He emphasized that "Those events came as a result of the movements of ISIS mercenary cells, in addition to the presence of cells directly linked to the Syrian and Turkish regimes, which worked to create discord between the Autonomous Administration institutions and the clans community in that region to achieve the interests of those regimes in the region."

Al-Abed pointed out that "there are attempts to ignite a national strife among the Arabs and the Kurds to end an era in which the brotherhood of peoples prevailed among the components of the region."

The Vice of the Co-presidency of the AANES considered that "fabricating clans fighting is one of the special methods of warfare practiced against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria and the institutions of the Autonomous Administration, under Erdogan regime in Turkey and Damascus regime support."

He added, "These two regimes are in accordance with the policy of demographic change in the areas they control, from Turkification in the occupied territories to the Shiite campaigns in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor by taking advantage of Syria's crisis."

The assassination targets supporters of the Autonomous Administration and the democratic project

Al-Abd indicated that the assassinations target the clans and their sheikhs who supported the Autonomous Administration. The Syrian government is trying to find a foothold in the regions of northeast Syria after it failed to preserve and protect them from terrorism at the beginning of the Syrian crisis. Pointing out that it has resorted to bullying the Russians and Iranians on the Syrian people.

Hamdan Al-Abed highlighted the Shaitat massacre, in which hundreds of the clan's members were killed, and the regime did not protect them as it claims today. Today, It claims that it stands with the Arab clans, but it has not issued any statement on this matter and taken any action. "

The Syrian-Turkish security coordination intensifies towards northeast of Syria

Hamdan al-Abed touched on the issue of security coordination between the Turkish and Syrian governments, stressing that “it is not an accusation but facts that have been proven by statements of officials from both sides, including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who spoke in one of his meetings about security coordination and continuous security contact with the Turks, especially when the discussion is about northern and eastern Syria. With the aim of aborting the Autonomous Administration project, which found practical success on the ground.

Regarding the statements claimed to be by Arab clans, Al-Abd stressed that “talking about Arab clans and their interests should not come from people who presented the Turkish flag on any flag or the Syrian flag or their clans during their statements. The clans that offered thousands of martyrs, will not allow their blood to flow to the approval of regional governments. "

At the end of his meeting, Hamdan Al-Abed stressed that "it is the duty of clans today to unite and affirm the unity of the Syrian people in the face of any project targeting the society that has suffered a lot because of the continuous strife. Today, it is trying to overcome those temptations by unity."

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