Hajin people: council, municipality's services urged us to return

The residents of Hajin expressed their joy at their return to their homes and praised the role of SDF which liberated their country from Daesh mercenaries, stressing that the area has been not witnessing the security and stability since 7 years, and there are many services are under way by the council and municipality urged them to return.

The people of Hajin who have been returning to their homes is increasing day by day, and the number of the people reached more than 80%, according to the latest statistics of the council. During a tour of our correspondent (ANHA) in the town he met a number of people who expressed their joy to return to their hometown and wished to improve the service reality in the town better.

The citizen Ahmed al-Awaid said " The people of the area are flocking daily returning to their homes, today most of the people returned to their homes after the spread of security and stability, which is most important for the people", and stressed that the services provided by the council and the municipality urged us to return to our homes."

Citizen Maram al-Saleh started her speech by saying, "security and security in our region is spread today, after our liberation from Daesh mercenaries and now we can move freely and we can shop until late at night."

   "Today I return to my job to secure a living for my family," said Mohammed al-Ahmad, the owner of a blacksmith shop in Hajin town.

The people praised the work achieved by the people's council and the municipality in the town of Hajin after the liberation and they seek to cooperate with service institutions to restore their town as it was.



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