Hafter: We are ready for cease-fire, only if Turkey, mercenaries withdraw

The Libyan army commander, Khalifa Haftar, confirmed that he is ready for a cease-fire in Libya, in the event that certain conditions are met, the most important of which is the withdrawal of Turkish and mercenary forces, and he pointed out that the National Accord Government had received orders from Ankara and Doha to suspend its participation in the Geneva negotiations.

Haftar said in an interview with the Russian media that "the Libyan government of reconciliation led by Fayez al-Sarraj has suspended participation in the Geneva negotiations, because it receives orders from Ankara and Doha."

He stressed that patience began to run out because the other side did not commit to stopping the truce and constantly violating it by armed gangs, as he put it.

He said: As we said earlier, our patience is running out towards the repeated breach of the armistice by gangs, mercenaries Erdogan and Al-Sarraj and the failure to fulfill the Berlin pledges, and the armed forces assess the situation in Tripoli and communicate with all international parties, and it is ready for all possibilities unless the international community and the Berlin countries assume their responsibilities towards Turkish occupation of our country. "

He stressed, "The United Nations, the Security Council and the Berlin states should shoulder their responsibilities in stopping the flow of Syrian and Turkish mercenaries and the various weapons that are transported daily to Tripoli, through Turkey, to the entire world without restraint, and in breach and disavowal of Erdogan and Al-Sarraj from their obligations to Berlin and we cannot remain idle."

He also considered that: " Al-Sarraj government does not have its decision, as it is a government that is internally dependent on the militias and terrorist groups and externally of Turkey and Qatar," adding that "Al-Sarraj has nothing of it, and the evidence is Erdogan's statements in which he stressed the need for Al-Wefaq to withdraw from the Geneva talks."

In response to a question about the fate of the political talks scheduled for February 26, if the reconciliation government returns and stops its participation again in the military committee, he said: "Political talks as one of the Geneva tracks, the timing of which is subject to the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, and we are open and positive with every path that can achieve peace, security and stability in Libya, and we support the United Nations Mission and Dr. Ghassan Salama to succeed in this mission. "

The Russian Minister of Defense Shoigu had met with Khalifa Haftar a few days ago, after the escalation of tension between Russia and Turkey against the backdrop of the escalation in Idlib.


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