Hafter gave orders to hit ships and strategic objectives of Turkish

On Friday evening, Marshal Khalifa Hafter ordered his forces to strike Turkish ships in the Libyan territorial waters and all the "Turkish strategic targets" on Libyan territory from companies, headquarters and projects in response to egregious violations that Libya was exposed to.

The Major General Ahmed al-Masmari, a spokesman for the Haftar forces, said in a statement quoted by AFP "that gave the order of the Air Force to target ships and boats within the territorial waters and ground forces to target all the strategic objectives of Turkey."

He added: "Turkish companies, headquarters and all projects that belong to the Turkish state are legitimate targets of the armed forces in response to this aggression. All flights to and from Turkey and the arrest of any Turkish in Libyan territory are stopped."

The statement said that the decision was issued in response to what has been exposed to "Libyan territory since the night before the invasion of Turkey, resulting in acts of sabotage within the territory of Libya."

Ankara supports the Tripoli-based on Government of National Accord and has sent many shipments of arms, military vehicles and explosives to Libya, which has been in anarchy since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's regime in 2011. The Libyan National Army forces accuse Turkey of supporting terrorists in Libya.



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