Haftar stresses Turkish occupation withdrawal before negotiation with GNA

Libyan National Army chief Khalifa Haftar stressed the need for Turkish soldiers to withdraw from his country before negotiating with the Accord Government, stressing that there are no discussions before Accord Government withdraws its forces.

Al-Arabiya Network reported that the Libyan National Army commander, Khalifa Haftar, confirmed from Cairo that the Turkish army was directly involved in the battles of Libya.

The Libyan army commander from Cairo renewed his request to lift the arms embargo on the Libyan army, calling for Egypt's international support to stop the Turkish incursion into Libya.

Haftar also called for activating the Arab joint defense agreement, calling for international monitoring to prevent weapons from entering Libya via Turkey.

For its part, Cairo informed Haftar of the need to dismantle Accord forces and to stop supplying them with weapons. Egypt also stressed its position rejecting foreign interventions in Libya.

Likewise, Egypt has affirmed not to allow any threat to the Egyptian-Western borders.

It is noteworthy that Ankara has confirmed more than once that it continues to support the Accord Government against the Libyan army, and has also approved the dispatch of Syrian mercenaries to the capital, Tripoli, in the framework of what it called "military advice and assistance and advisory."

This is despite the fact that it was among the countries participating in the Berlin conference held last January, which called for the cessation of foreign interference in the war-torn country, and a ban on the supply of arms.



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