​​​​​​​Haftar: Our purpose is to expel Turkish invaders and its mercenaries from Libya

​​​​​​​The Libyan National Army chief, Khalifa Haftar, confirmed in new statements, on Tuesday night, that the army "will not concede the departure of the Turkish invaders and their mercenaries from Libya."

Haftar said during a speech at a graduation ceremony for a new batch of Libyan army officers that "the Turkish aggression threatens the unity of Libya and the stability of the region."

This and Turkey intervened militarily in Libya, along with Accord Government, which controls the capital, Tripoli.

The army commander warned that "Turkey is seeking to control the bounties and wealth of the country," stressing that the army will not allow "the exploitation of the status quo to bring in arms and mercenaries."

The Libyan commander pledged "to continue the struggle against the Turkish aggression against Libya", "to adhere to national principles and expel the Turkish invaders from Libya."

Haftar declared, "The process of establishing the armed forces continues to protect the country from Turkish invaders."

A few days ago, Ankara and the Accord Government signed a military agreement, which the Libyan army considered violating the country's sovereignty.



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