Haftanin: Historic resistance, Kurdish unity is to foil Turkish plans

The people of al-Hasakah explained that the attacks on the Haftanin region are attacks on all parts of Kurdistan, in order to undermine the gains made by the democratic revolution, noting that Kurdish unity at all levels is capable of thwarting the Turkish attacks.

40 years and the resistance of the People's Protection Forces in the face of the Turkish occupation continues

The People's Defense Forces in the Haftanin area, in the legitimate defense areas (Medya), are fighting a great resistance in the face of the Turkish occupation attacks more than a month ago, after the occupation stationed in some hills there.

The Kurdish people have been calling for more than 40 years in all parts of Kurdistan to obtain their rights, such as living with their identity and culture like the rest of the world, but the Justice and Development Party that has ruled Turkey for years does not accept this, and it continues to reject the solution and peaceful negotiations with the PKK.

AKP rejects and does not accept the Kurdish identity inside Turkey, and it is now seeking to exclude the Kurds from the efforts to prepare a new constitution for Syria, and for these reasons people are fighting in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and continue their attacks on the entire region after its occupation of several cities.

The democratic project and the apprehension of Turkey

The Turkish occupation fears the project of the democratic nation and the revolution of freedom of the oppressed people, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and includes all components and minorities under one roof, because it stands in the face of the ambitions and aims of the Turkish state in the region.

The Turkish occupation, in cooperation with mercenaries in parts of Kurdistan and through its ground and air attacks on all regions of Kurdistan, aims to break the resistance to freedom and extermination of peoples in all regions.

Observers believe that the attacks on Haftanin were unsuccessful, due to the heroic resistance shown by HPG fighters.

HPG has entered the skilled and professional stage of combat

The citizen Abdul Razzaq Muhammad from the people of al-Hasakah canton indicates that the Turkish occupation has been launching attacks on all regions of Kurdistan for more than 40 years, and in the recent period on Haftanin, with the aim of erasing the identity of the Kurdish people, and breaking the will and resistance of the forces defending Kurdistan, "but it Its attempts to fail, because of the Haftanin region is a place for resistance and struggle. "

Muhammad expressed their certainty that the AKP had failed in its attacks in the region, because HPG fighters entered a new stage of skill and professionalism as a result of years of fighting and resistance against the Turkish war machine, and said, "Whatever they try, they will not be able to undermine the resistance."

Stand by forces to protect humanity

At the end of his speech, Muhammad called on all components of the region and the Kurdish political parties in particular, to close ranks and declare their unity to support the resistance of Haftanin, stressing that they would confront all the attacks of the Turkish occupation on all regions of Kurdistan, through their continuation in their activities and activities and stand by their military forces, in all respects. Political, military and logistical protection to protect humanity from fascism.

Kurdish unity is to preserve the gains

As the female citizen Jawharat Muhammad says, "By our unity, unity and cohesion, we women of the regions of northern and eastern Syria, we will break these attacks, and we will go out to the freedom arenas to support the resistance of our fighters in Haftanin, and we do not accept the Turkish project on the regions of Kurdistan, because our project is the unity of the Kurdish people and all components of the region."

For her part, Citizen Salwa Serêkaniyê saw that the Kurdish unity in all parts of Kurdistan and the unity of political parties are enough to overcome all obstacles, preserve the gains made by the martyrs, and the rights of oppressed peoples and women in particular, and stand in the face of external attacks by the Turkish occupation on the regions of Kurdistan.

The speakers stressed that the attacks on the Haftanin region are attacks on all parts of Kurdistan, as the goal of the Turkish occupation is to separate all parts of Kurdistan from each other, and put them in severe siege, in order to undermine all the gains of the Kurdish people and their democratic revolution.



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