Habib: Ocalan is capable of managing the peace process in the region

Hikmat Habib stressed the need for a Syrian-Syrian dialogue and to work according to leader Ocalan's thesis, pointing out that Ocalan has the keys to the solution and is able to manage the safety process in the region in general.

The Syrian politician and the deputy head of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council Hikmat Habib, commenting on the recent message of leader Ocalan regarding the solution of the Syrian crisis, pointed out that leader Ocalan has a realistic view of the region in general and that he has many keys that serve the peoples of the region with all its ethnic and religious components.

Hikmat noted that the experience of northern and eastern Syria, which was based on the ideology and philosophy of Ocalan, is a model for brotherhood and coexistence. "This confirms Ocalan's ability to resolve many issues in the region," he said. Habib confirmed they support peaceful solution in Syria on a democratic basis, towards a decentralized, pluralistic Syria, where every citizen finds himself/herself free in the homeland.

Hikmat Habib said that during his message, leader Ocalan expressed his keenness on the unity of Syrian territory within the framework of a political solution based on national dialogue. "This is the best solution to solve the Syrian issue and what the Syrian people hope and wish," he said.

The interventions of some countries prolong the Syrian crisis

Hikmat Habib explained that the reason for prolonging the Syrian crisis is the result of the intervention of some countries in the Syrian conflict and their support for a faction at the expense of another faction. He said: "The fact that these countries are only working to pass their interests away from the requirements of the Syrian people, where Russia is indiscriminately bombing the areas of Idlib, while Turkey supports terrorist groups. "

Hikmat Habib stressed the need for Syrian-Syrian dialogue to work on the thesis of leader Ocalan because he is able to manage the peace process in the region in general.

During his brother's visit on the morning of Eid al-Fitr, leader Ocalan stressed that the people of northern Syria must fight more for their freedom. The Syrian people must join this struggle to protect Syrian unity.



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