Guterres: We encourage establishment of a safe area in northern Syria to avoid any new conflicts

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged an agreement on a safe area in northern Syria to prevent new conflicts.

Guterres made the remarks during a recent press briefing when a reporter asked him about the possibility of establishing a "safe zone", especially after the meeting between US special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey and Turkish Defense Minister Khulosi Akkar last week.

"We encourage all parties to agree on this, in order to prevent any new conflicts that may arise," Guterres said in response to the question.

In a related context, US envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, and the counterterrorism coordinator at the State Department, Nathan Sills, yesterday held a press conference at the headquarters of the US State Department in Washington, to talk about the latest developments in the file against mercenaries around the world, and discuss the Syrian crisis.

As for the safe area, Jeffrey replied to a reporter's query: "Washington is committed to protecting SDF, which have cooperated with US and coalition forces to defeat Daesh, trying to strike a balance between our very important ally in NATO, Turkey, and our important partner in Syria SDF composed of Kurds and Arabs. "

As for the US-led talks with Turkey over northern and eastern Syria, Jeffrey said: "We are not talking to Turkey about protecting the Kurds, who are a large proportion of the Turkish people, nor to prevent any invasion because we see no signs of any possible invasion of northern and eastern Syria. We are discussing with them the possibility of establishing a safe area under US-Turkish protection to address Turkish security concerns along the border. "




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