​​​​​​​Guerrilla TV release video of Turkish occupation soldiers' weapons captured by Guerrilla

​​​​​​​Guerrilla TV website published video of the weapons of the Turkish occupation army that were seized by the Guerrilla forces during the operation that they carried out in May, in the Resistance Square in Werxelê area.

"On May 26 at 12:20, Turkish troops attempting to attack the battle positions in the Werxelê Resistance Area with explosives were targeted and struck by our forces with sabotage tactics. They were targeted and shot again at 12:45 with individual weapons. The invading troops seeking to attack the battle positions were hit by our forces with sabotage tactics at 13:00 and with heavy weapons at 13:15.

As a result of these actions carried out by our forces, at least 3 Turkish soldiers were killed, and 2 others were seriously injured. Our forces also seized 1 MPT 55 infantry rifle and 1 earphone. After the operation, the helicopters set to retrieve their casualties from the area, so it targeted our forces and forced to leave the area."



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