Guerrilla publishes scenes of its qualitative op against Turkish occupation in Shamzinan

Guerrilla TV published scenes of the qualitative operation carried out by the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) against a military vehicle belonging to the Turkish occupation army in the area of ​​Shamzinan.

The HPG’s Media Center issued a statement on the qualitative operation carried out by the HPG fighters in Shamzinan area.

"During the revolutionary campaign of Martyr Baker and Martyr Ronya, our fighters carried out a qualitative operation In September 21 at 9:00 am against a military vehicle of the Turkish occupation army on the road between Tebi Khodi hill and Bukhazza Giran district of Shamzinan district in Colemêrg city," the statement said. "The military vehicle was completely destroyed, the soldiers inside the vehicle were killed and two soldiers who were in the vicinity of the vehicle were seriously injured."


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