Guerrilla hits occupation army in Çelê, Shamzinan, Seydkan

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) and the Free Women's Units carried out a number of specific operations against the Turkish occupation army in Çelê, Shamzinan and Seydkan, and revealed their results.

The HPG Media Center issued a statement revealing the details and results of the operations their forces carried out against the Turkish occupation army.

"In the context of the continuation of our qualitative operations launched within the campaign of Martyrs Bakr and Ronia, our forces have inflicted painful blows on the Turkish occupation.

On 7 May, at 11:30, our forces carried out a qualitative operation on the Kurdina hill in the Colemêrg area, where the Turkish occupation army is holed up, and we hit several of them with their fortifications and destroyed several positions, the number of mortalities and casualties has not been known.

On May 8, at 13:30, our forces carried out another operation against the Turkish occupation army at Tel Sivir, a site for the protection belonging to Shamzinan area in Colemêrg. Our forces directly hit the occupation forces. The number of the killed was not known. The Turkish occupation of Tel Sur, and the bombing did not cause any human damage to our forces.

On the same date, 8 May at 15:30, our forces carried out another operation on the hill of Lilikan in Seydkan district of Başûr Kurdistan, where the Turkish occupation army is stationed. Our forces managed to destroy all enemy positions and fortifications. The number of their dead and wounded is unknown. At 16:30 military aircraft of Turkish occupation launched raids on the vicinity of Tel Lilakan without causing any casualties in our ranks.


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