Guerrilla forces hit Turkish occupation army in Badlis, Amed, Şirnex

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) confirmed in a statement that its fighters carried out a series of military operations against the Turkish occupation army in Sirnex, Amed and Badlis in northern Kurdistan; as a number of Turkish occupation soldiers were killed and wounded during those operations.

The statement issued by the Media Center of the People's Defense Forces on Friday (May 31), included that the Turkish occupation army began yesterday a military operation in the vicinity of the village, "Findike" in ​​Gabar area in the region of Şirnex, pointing out that the guerrillas observed movements of units of the occupation army in the region, thus, they launched an attack on these units, in the framework of the revolutionary campaign of Martyr Rizgar and the Martyr Media Mawa, during the attack, they managed to kill a soldier of the enemy army."

The statement pointed to the operation of the Turkish occupation army, which began on 17 May in the vicinity of the village of "Graf" in Gabar, where the fighters of the Guerrilla repelled an attack of the Turkish soldiers in that region "and violent clashes erupted, killing four soldiers and two elements of the Contra of the enemy's army, while three of our comrades got martyred after heroic resistance."

"The Turkish state continues to circulate false news about conducting military operations and battles. Turkish media published information about our comrade Rojbin Gever's martyrdom. We assure our people that Rojbin is undertaking her tasks. Our people should not believe the lies published by the media associated with Turkish special war, and we will reveal the record of our three martyrs in a statement we will issue later."

The statement of the HPG touched upon Guerrilla fighters' attack on a checkpoint of the Turkish police in Amed in northern Kurdistan, stressing the killing of a number of police officers at that point, the Turkish military vehicles then rushed to recover the bodies of the killed, our fighters who carried out the operation returned to their points without any injuries in their ranks. "

The statement continued: "On May 24, the Turkish occupation army launched a large operation in the vicinity of "Kishan" in "Tatwan" in the area of ​​Badlis" and the enemy soldiers ambushed the region, but our fighters managed to follow the movements of the enemy and dealt them painful blows, killing a number of Turkish soldiers, and we could not know the number, while the helicopters of the Turkish occupation army began to bomb the area, without achieving any casualties among our fighters, Turkish news about the killing of the Guerrilla fighters in this operation is groundless."

The statement pointed to the air raids launched by the Turkish military fighters of the Turkish occupation army from 06:00 to 06:30 on the morning of May 30 on the valley of "Gelujar" in the lawful defense areas "Medya", and launched similar raids at 08:00 of the same day on the area of ​​"Zap", and in both of the two raids, none of our fighters were injured and the bombing did not result in casualties among our forces.

Source: ANF

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