Guerrilla forces eliminate 8 Turkish occupation soldiers including officers

In a statement released on Friday (June 21st), the People's Defense Forces (HPG) said eight Turkish soldiers, including two officers, had been killed in qualitative operations the Guerrilla and Free Women's Units (YJA-Star) fighters carried out in Gever district in Bakur.

The statement issued by the Media Center of the People's Defense Forces revealed that the units of the Turkish occupation army deployed ambushes in the vicinity of "Jarjila" of "Gever" district in the area of ​​Colemêrg, in cooperation with the militias "Contra," noting that the guerrillas and fighters of the Free Women's Units monitored the movements of units of the enemy army on June 18 near the valley of 'Doski', where they launched an attack on it, and killed during the attack four Turkish soldiers.

"The Turkish occupation army brought additional forces to support the elements of the units besieged by our forces, where fierce fighting broke out, the fighters of the Guerrilla killed four other soldiers, including two officers of high rank."

The statement pointed out to the "violent clashes" broke out between the fighters and the Turkish army units in the same area and our comrade 'Noman' was martyred during those clashes after he resisted heroically until the last breath.

The martyr's record is:

Nom de guerre: Noman Sterk

Real Name: Halif Yildiz

Name of mother and father: Makram - Mohammed

Place of birth: Ruha (Orfa)

Place and date of martyrdom: Gever, 18 June 2019

According to the statement, the martyr Noman was born in Ruha's Siwerk district and was raised in a patriotic family. He did not tolerate injustice inflicted by the enemy against his people. He decided to join the ranks of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement in 2014. From the beginning, he participated in many military operations against the Turkish occupation army in several areas. In the last battle, he fought until the last bullet he had, refusing to surrender to the enemy, until he was martyred following his companions who martyred.

Source: ANF

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