Guerrilla fighters target Turkish occupation soldiers in Dersim area

The Guerrilla fighters carried out an operation against units of the Turkish occupation army at Amutka barrack in Khuzat district of Dersim province, according to a press statement issued on Friday.

The statement said that the Guerrillas carried out an operation at 14:00 on Thursday, where they managed to kill a Turkish soldier during the operation that targeted a military barrack in the area of ​​"Khuzat, pointing to indiscriminate shelling by the Turkish occupation army's aircraft on June 5, Dimirkapi region of Dersim, as part of a large-scale military operation involving reconnaissance aircrafts and a large number of special forces soldiers.

"There were no casualties among Guerrilla fighters during the Turkish attack," the statement said, referring to air raids by Turkish warplanes on the same area, "without casualties among our forces."

The Turkish state continues to publish false news

The statement of the Media Center of the People Defense Forces pointed out that the Turkish occupation army received "heavy" losses during the separate operations of the Guerrilla fighters in the past days in Dersim, adding that "the Turkish occupation state continues to publish lies about military operations, in the context of the special war, it spreads false information in order to mislead the public opinion that two of the fighters were killed during the shelling on June 5, and we confirm that this information is incorrect.

The statement also pointed out that the military aircraft of the Turkish occupation army launched air raids on ​​"Zap area" in the lawful defense areas (Medya) on June 5, stressing that there are no casualties among Guerrillas.


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