Guerrilla deals new strikes to the Turkish occupation army

The Information Center of the People Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement on Wednesday (June 12th), in which it revealed a series of military operations carried out by the Guerrilla fighters, targeting the Turkish occupation army in several areas in northern and southern Kurdistan, in which a number of Turkish soldiers were killed.

The statement added that the guerrillas continue to resist the military offensive launched by the Turkish occupation army in the area of ​​"Khakork" in southern Kurdistan, where the Turkish state targets through its media to hide the facts of losses in the battlefield, and publishes misleading news to public opinion."

The statement pointed out that the guerrillas launched on Tuesday an attack on special units belonging to the Turkish occupation army in the valley, "Armosh," after monitoring the movements of the elements of those units, "where the attack killed 4 enemy soldiers and wounding another soldier," while the Israeli army bombarded the area with rockets and mortars. "The bodies of the dead were recovered and the injured soldier was transferred by combat helicopters, while our fighters returned to their points of concentration without causing casualties in their ranks."

The statement noted that the People's Defense Forces targeted a checkpoint of the occupation army in the vicinity of "Farqin" dam around the city of Amed in northern Kurdistan, pointing out that the elements of the checkpoint received losses in equipment and lives, "while it was not possible to know the number of dead and wounded among the soldiers of the occupation."

Source: ANF

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