Group of Nebbel Town kidnap citizens from Afrin

An unknown group kidnapped 4 citizens of Afrin in the town of Nebbel in Aleppo and demanded that each family pay 400,000 Syrian Pounds.

According to ANHA agency correspondent from the region, an unknown group abducted four citizens of Afrin today who were forcibly displaced from their homes.

The residents were: “Kholousi Mohammed Rashid from Raju district, Abdul Rahman Rajab al-Shawwaq from Hamam village in Jandrisa district, Izzo Khalid Rashid from Mobata district and Mohammed Ahmed Khalil from Sheikh Hadeed”.

According to the reporter, the people were going from al- Shahba to the town of Nebbel and Zahra, located west of Aleppo city and near al- Shahba to buy their needs, knowing that that the Syrian regime controls Nebbel Town.

According to the families of the kidnapped, hours after their abduction, the group contacted the families of the citizens and demanded that each family pay SYP 400,000. At the same time, they informed the families that the kidnapped had become in the Military Security Branch in al-Serian Neighborhood of Aleppo.



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