Greenblatt: Century deal is not ready and needs more time

The US envoy for peace in the Middle East, "Jason Greenblatt," noted that the American peace plan known as a media "deal century" is not ready now, and requires more time.


In an interview with Fox News, Greenblatt said that the recent news about the readiness of the peace plan and its imminent implementation is incorrect.

The Fox News channel quoted a US administration official as saying that "the plan to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been completed and President Trump is satisfied with its content."

The channel said that five people in the administration of the President are authorized to see the details of the draft of the deal consisting of about two hundred pages, including the Ambassador of Washington in "Israel" David Friedman, Jared Kouchner adviser to US President, Jason Greenblatt, Washington's envoy to the Middle East.

Kouchner had announced in mid-December that the administration was looking to present its Middle East peace plan in the coming months.

He added, "Our plan will not appeal to all parties, but it includes a lot and enough reasons for the parties to accept it and move forward."

The US administration has not announced any details of the "deal of the century" which the Palestinians have refused to participate in since December 2017 after Trump's decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of "Israel" and then transfer the US embassy to it.



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