Greek newspaper: Washington's frustration with Ankara is real and deep

Tom Ellis, the editor-in-chief of the Greek newspaper Cathymerini, wrote that Washington's current frustration with Ankara was an expression of what US officials felt now.

 According to the article, the recent statements by US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan on Turkey point to something much deeper and more important than the usual occasional statements about Turkey.

Ellis noted that when Shanahan asked to comment on the Turkish aggression in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, he said that Ankara's behavior was similar to Moscow's "unsafe and unprofessional" behavior, and stressed that Ankara had proved to be a dubious ally of Washington in the past two decades.

Turkey and the United States now face many diplomatic issues, including the so-called Turkish aggression in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, as well as the planned purchase of Russian S-400 systems. Shanahan sent a letter to the Turkish Defense Minister Khulusi Akar last week that Turkey's participation in the F-35 program would end on July 31 unless it withdrew its planned purchase of Russian S-400 defense systems.

Ellis said Washington's nervousness was clear in the repeated comments by US diplomats, who warned Ankara not to continue drilling for hydrocarbon resources in the economic zone of Cyprus.

The article concluded that all signals from Washington indicated that its frustration with Turkey was very real and deep.



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