Greece: Turkey's purchase of S-400 raises NATO’s concern

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panayotopoulos confirmed that Turkey's purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense system is causing concern within NATO, and stressed that Turkey is no longer safe for the alliance.

"A lot has been said and written about Turkey's purchase of the S-400 from Russia," Panayotopoulos said. "In my opinion, this raises concerns within NATO."

He believed that the concern of the United States and other NATO partners was justified, and added: "As far as I understand, the systems were not fully operated by Turkey. There was a series of experiments, but the system would be used at a later time."

Panayotopoulos said that "the extent of Turkey's safety in relation to the allies in NATO is now clear, and this is a matter of concern to all."

Turkey concluded a deal with Russia to purchase the Russian S-400 air defense system in April 2017, and received its first batch in July of last year, and conducted the first test of the system on October 16.


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