Greece: Erdogan promotes false news and uses refugees as geopolitical pawns

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis accused Erdogan of promoting false news, stressing that Europe will not be subject to Turkish blackmail.

The Greek Prime Minister stressed, in an interview with the American channel "CNN", that the Turkish president must understand that Europe cannot be blackmailed by the immigrant card, and stop "being the instigator of spreading false news."

The Prime Minister promised that what Turkey was doing to open the way for immigrants to cross to Greece "is an attempt by Turkey to use migrants and refugees as geopolitical pawns to advance its own interests."

He explained that the agreement signed by Turkey and the European Union "died" because Ankara violated the agreement in full due to what is happening in Syria, stressing that Turkey is obliged to deter migrants and refugees from crossing the coastline with his country, and make every effort to restrict them and prevent them from crossing the border to Greece illegally.

The Greek Prime Minister indicated that the people who try to cross into Greece do not come from Syria but rather from Turkey, noting that many of them speak the Turkish language fluently, and that they are receiving the full support of the Turkish government.

He promised that what Greece is doing towards illegal immigrants trying to cross through the Turkish-Greek border is a form of border protection, explaining that Athens said it would do so and that this is its right.

Turkey opened the border to refugees to cross the Syrians to Greece in an attempt to blackmail the European Union with the refugee card, after Europe's failure to provide support to Turkey's moves in Syria.



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