Graham welcomed Trump decision to leave 200 US troops in Syria

US Senator Lindsey Graham welcomed US President Donald Trump's decision to leave 200 US troops in Syria and said the resolution would ensure no return of IS.


US Senator Lindsey Graham issued a statement on the US president's decision to keep 200 US troops in Syria on Thursday, in which he welcomed the US president's decision.

He said in his statement" I applaud President Trump's decision to leave a small contingent of American Forces in Syria as part of an international stabilizing force.

"This will insures ISIS does not return and Iran does not fill the vacuum that would have been left if we completely withdrew. This also will insure Turkey and SDF will not go into conflict."

" A safe zone in Syria made up of international forces is the best way to achieve our national security objectives of continuing to contain Iran ensuring the enduring defeat of ISIS, protecting our Turkish allies, and securing the Turkish borders with Syria."

"With this decision, President Trump has decided to follow sound military advice. This decision will ensure that we will not repeat the mistake of Iraq, in Syria. For a small fraction of the forces we have had in Syria, we can accomplish or national security objectives."



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