Graham: We will crush Erdogan, expel him from Syria

Fox News interviewed Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, where he talked about the actions that Congress and the US President will take against Erdogan and his economy, as the latter commits massacres in northern Syria.

"This is what President Trump is going to do with the Congress and Democrats alike, and we will crush Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan until we stop the bloodshed.”

Graham said sanctions were coming against Turkey for its attack on northern Syria. Graham said Erdogan "basically lied" to him during a recent meeting at the United Nations.

Graham said the situation inside Syria was deteriorating rapidly. "I blame Turkey. There will be sanctions that will cripple the Turkish economy that Congress will impose to complement what the Trump administration has done. We will send an unequivocal signal to Turkey and the world as we are going to destroy its economy until it stops shedding blood."

US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose harsh sanctions on former and current Turkish officials over Turkey's military offensive in northern and eastern Syria.

Source: Agencies

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