Government forces and Turkey’s mercenaries’ clashes leave deaths and wounded in Al-Ghab Plain

3 members of the Damascus government forces were killed and a number of Turkish mercenaries were wounded, following the continuous clashes and mutual artillery shelling between the two sides, on the axis of the village of Al-Ankawi in the Al-Ghab Plain.

The government forces launched a fierce bombardment on the sites of mercenaries loyal to the Turkish occupation in the Al-Ghab Plain area in the northwestern countryside of Hama, which led to the injury of three mercenaries, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

In the continuous clashes since yesterday evening until dawn, 3 members of the government forces were killed and wounded others, on Al-Anakawi axis in Al-Ghab Plain.

Meanwhile, government forces shelled the villages of Sufuhn and Al-Fateira and other areas in Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside with heavy artillery, without information about casualties so far.

The Syrian Observatory reported yesterday that violent clashes erupted between government forces on the one hand, and Turkey-backed mercenaries, or so-called "Army of Victory" and "Al-Fateh Al-Mubeen" on the other hand, following an infiltration attempt by government forces on the Anakawi axis in Al-Ghab Plain, west of Hama, in the middle of mutual missile strikes between the two parties.


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