Golden Crescent Movement: Human rights organizations must stop persecution of the Kurds

The Golden Crescent movement of Afrin canton issued a statement to the world public opinion, condemning the killing of the young Bariş Çakan due to his listening to a Kurdish song, and called on international human rights organizations to stand up to the Turkish persecution of the Kurds.

The young Bariş Çakan, aged, 20, years-old was martyred after an attack by three Turkish youths while listening to Kurdish songs in one of the gardens of the Turkish capital, Ankara. This attack was condemned and denounced by all segments of the Kurdish community.

Dozens of members of the Golden Crescent movement in Afrin canton gathered in front of their center in Serdam camp in the village of Tal Sousin, in Ahdath district, raising the golden crescent emblem.

The statement was delivered in Kurdish language by the administrator of the Golden Crescent movement, Ronahi Sheikho.

The text of the statement read:

 “The Kurdish youth Bariş Çakan was brutally murdered to death by the fascist gangs of the Justice and Development Party and the Turkish state on January 1, 2020, in the Turkish capital, Ankara. Of course this is not the first nor the second massacre, nor the third massacre that the Kurds are subjected to, it targets the Kurds, their language, their culture and their existence. What is more interesting is that in the United States these days a black man was killed by the American police on the pretext that he is a black man.

Here as much as we watch the social network and the media, Turkish fascists have shown their love for this reaction to the American assassination. On the other hand, despite Corona's illness, arrests, murders, and assassinations of the Kurds have not stopped, dozens of Kurdish women, youth, children and the elderly are killed and tortured every day. It is surprising that fascists enslaved millions of people, occupied their land, and prevented their culture and language.

they react to foreign nationalism, annoys himself against the United States, Israel, etc., and accuses it of fascism and nationalism. However, in the western and northeastern regions of Syria in the occupied cities, there were inhumane acts against the Kurds from the city of Afrin to Serêkaniyê

and Tal Abyad by burning their bread and wheat.

There is no life without rights in the world, yet the Kurdish people are still being killed because of a word, song or speech in their Kurdish language. The Turkish state is the enemy of the slaughtered and historic Kurdish people.

We, the people of Afrin, whose land was occupied by the Turkish state, and as artists of the Golden Crescent, we call on all human rights organizations and world powers to stop this persecution of the Turks on the ground, children and women. We also want to tell the world and fascists that no one should make us give up our language, our culture and our customs. What gives us our life and culture is our land, our songs and our voices.

To this end, we condemn this incident, and offer our condolences to the family of youth and all the Kurdish people.



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