Girls’ bodies, thoughts are restricted with blackness

Despite their young age, but IS did not exclude them from imposing blackness upon them, wearing black veils and cloaks yet not aware of the reason for their adherence to this blackness. Despite their liberation from the so-called IS caliphate and their access to freedom, those young girls, however, are still bound by the black imposed by the obscurantist ideology.


SDF starts their last battle against IS mercenaries in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor on 9th September 2018, under the name "Battle to Defeat Terrorism" to eliminate the last pocket of IS in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

With the expansion of the liberated area by SDF, the release of civilians has increased, amid the prevention of IS mercenaries of thousands of civilians to come out as human shields to block the advance of SDF fighters and to ensure their stay as long as possible as they hide among civilians.

During the last stage of the battles, IS mercenaries resorted to depriving civilians from food and drink, while allowing that to their families. Despite losing most of their positions, but they did not stop for a moment from carrying out their massacres or applying their unjust laws against civilians.

Children prevented from living their childhood

Among those who have suffered and been deprived of their normal lives are children, especially girls, who are deprived of all their childhood, because IS prevented them from schools and closed them down to be used as military headquarters, restricted to male children and forced to study the curricula prepared by them and according to their beliefs and religion concepts.

They turned thousands of children to what IS called "The Caliphate Cubs" assigned missions bigger than their young age to them and prompted them to carry out the "jihadist operations" and blew themselves up

Today, SDF liberated about 1,000 thousand civilians, most of them children and women, one of the eye-catching, sorrowful scenes is the sight of girls who have been exhausted by the hardships of the road. Yet they did not dare to take off the so-called "black veil" imposed by IS to become the victims of IS practices and methods against childhood.

Amid the presence of a number of female correspondents who work in the field of media follow-up at moments of the liberation of the civilians, a sudden position appeared, one of the boys, who did not exceed 10 years old, turned his eyes away from the female correspondents, saying it is forbidden for men to look at women who do not wear legitimate dress!!, saying " This is what the state taught us, means IS."

It is worth mentioning that SDF and after the liberation of civilians are working to transport them to al-Hol camp in al-Hasakah canton, where the number of those who entered the camp, reached to more than 27 thousand families, mostly children and women.



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