Girl in al-Shahba singing in 5 languages

Mufidah Hamdi, aged 13, is proficient in singing in more than one language besides her mother tongue; she is fluent in Kurdish, Arabic, Hindi, Persian and Syriac

In order to preserve their culture, customs and traditions, Afrin's children continued to develop their talents, despite their stay in camps and harsh conditions of displacement.

Among these talents, Mufidah Hamdi, who is at 13 years, she was participating her relatives in singing, theater and dance (Dabaka) in the Golden Crescent movement.

The girl Mufidah Hamdi is from the village of Mîrkan in the area of Mobata in the city of Afrin. She was able to receive music and singing lessons at the Center of Culture and Art as well as her studies in the school. She continued to develop herself despite her young age.

The girl Mufidah is always listening to Indian and Iranian's songs, then being translated to be sung with her fresh voice since the age of seven and has practiced this talent so far.

Mufidah said "Since my youth, I have loved to sing, I learned to sing since the age of seven, encouraged by my family and my friends at the Center for Culture and Art.

"I learned the Indian language by listening to Indian songs and translating them in order to know their meanings and I was writing them, but unfortunately all my books stayed at our home in Afrin," she said.

And added "In the culture and art movement, I receive singing and drawing exercises, to sing at parties, especially children's entertainment parties and holidays."

The Administrator of the Culture and Art Movement, Nahda Ali, said "We help the children by offering all the training in all sections, in order to motivate the talents of the children."



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