Girkê Legê youth denounce attacks on Başûr

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in Girkê Legê district have condemned the Turkish occupation's attacks on Başûr Kurdistan, stressing that the resistance and struggle is the only way to thwart the occupation's policies

On Sunday evening, hundreds of youths of Girkê Legê district in Qamishlo canton with dozens of residents of the district have launched in demonstration holding torchlight to condemn the Turkish occupation's attacks and violations of the geography of Kurdistan.

The demonstration was launched from the street of martyr Khubat Deirk and then toured in the main streets and then headed towards the town of Rumailan, during that time, the voices of those who opposed the attacks and called for resistance were heard

And the demonstration had ended in the town of Rumailan town, confirming that resistance is the only way to thwart the Turkish's policies.




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