Gire Spi people continue sit-in, reject occupation

The people of the Gire Spi city still continue the sit-in since 3 days to denounce the Turkish occupation threats. 

The people of Gire Spi continue their sit-in on the border with Turkey, denouncing the latter's threats to the region, with the participation of dozens of people.

The leaders of the clans and sons of the components of Dire Spi participated in the sit-in held in Al-Minabteh neighborhood opposite the Turkish border. During the sit-in, several speeches were delivered.

The participants in the sit-ins emphasized through their speeches their rejection of the Turkish occupation and their stand against any occupation force.

They said that "our martyrs are the best example of sacrifices and we are on their way, and we will not allow anyone to tamper with their sacrifices."

The protesters explained that they will continue to struggle and protest with determination until all risks to their land are removed.

The events of the sit-in in the city continue, as the people participate in on a daily basis to emphasize the rejection of the people of the region to the Turkish threats and Turkish intervention in Syrian affairs.



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