Girê Spi protests against Turkish occupation to Afrin

Hundreds of people from Girê Spi / Tal Abyad canton have demonstrated today to mark the fifth anniversary of the attacks of ISIS mercenaries in Kobani canton and condemn the occupation of Afrin.

Today, Girê Spi canton’s Council organized a demonstration on the fifth anniversary of the attacks of ISIS mercenaries on Kobane. During the demonstration, participants also condemned Turkish violations in Afrin canton.

The people gathered in Iskan district roundabout and went to the municipality roundabout in the city center holding pictures of the martyrs, in addition to banners that read "Building the state based on the rule of law. We the people of Girê Spi canton denounce and condemn the brutal Turkish occupation in northern Syria and northern Iraq, liberating Afrin and liberating Syria from terrorism and the Turkish occupation, we are all Afrin every day resistance, we demand the international coalition to put an end to the violations of the Turkish army in the areas of Afrin and al-Shahba, keep your land and dignity and defeat the occupation and ISIS.”

During the demonstration, the crowd shouted slogans saluting the resistance of Kobani, Afrin and other slogans such as "Syrian blood is one, long live the brotherhood of the peoples, let the AKP government fall."

As the demonstrators arrived at the Municipality roundabout in the center of the city, the participants observed a minute of silence, after which several speeches were delivered, including the speech of the deputy chairman of Gire Spi canton’s Council Sabri Mustafa, who explained in his speech the Turkish state's intentions to interfere in Syrian affairs.

"Turkey wants to revive the dream of its Ottoman ancestors by exploiting the Syrian crisis, and also to eliminate the project of brotherhood of peoples and coexistence in northern and eastern Syria," Mustafa said.

This was followed by a speech by the Vice-President of the Future Syria Party in Girê Spi Fatima Shaaban, she said "On this fateful day, I cannot help but remember Jamal Pasha the serial killer and his execution of innocent people who demanded their freedom, as I remember the massacre of Armenians and that history repeats itself, but this time through agents and recruiting people in the name of religion to kill innocent people, so we salute the city of steadfastness Kobani, particularly every mother who sacrificed her child until we reached where we have reached.

Then, the administrator at Kongra Star in Girê Spi Huda Mustafa delivered a speech and pointed out that they are following in the footsteps of everyone who contributed to the building of the democratic nation and defeat the terrorism that destroyed our country with his ideas.

The demonstration ended with slogans that salute the resistance and condemned the Turkish occupation.



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