Girê Spi famers: Turkey aims to spread famine through war water

The Turkish occupation state continues to pump large quantities of water through the rivers and valleys coming from the Turkish territory towards the lands of Girê Spi, which led to the flooding of 4,000 hectares of agricultural land, and farmers stress that Turkey’s goal is to spread famine in the region.

The Turkish occupation state resorted to a new hostile approach towards northern Syria, which is the war of water waged by pumping large quantities of water in the rivers and valleys coming from the Turkish territory towards the lands of Girê Spi, causing damage to 4,000 hectares of summer crops.

In this regard, ANHA correspondent met with the farmers of the canton of Girê Spi, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the hostile policies of Turkey towards north Syria's people.

Farmer Mahmoud Mohammed Ismail from the village of Tel-Abyed Sharqi and a farmer on the Jalab River said “Our fields are threatened by the increased flow of waters of the Jalab River controlled by Turkey, If the situation remains that way, we will not be able to cultivate in our land.

The farmer Mahmoud Ismail pointed out that "Turkey has raised the level of the waters of the river Jalab, which caused the inundation of thousands of hectares of agricultural land located on the banks of the river."

He appealed, the Agricultural Directorate in the canton of Girê Spi, and the concerned authorities to find alternative solutions, and ways to drain water to reduce the magnitude of the disaster.

Farmer Ibrahim al-Hassoun, he is citizen from of the village of Tel- Akhdar, says, "For decades, Susk River has not been flowing, but this year Turkey has pumped enormously into agricultural land, flooding nearly 200 hectares of farmland."

Ibrahim al-Hassoun explained that "Turkey is practicing the ugliest means to undermine this region by targeting farmers, children, agricultural tractors, livestock and schools, but this time in another way, water warfare because the region depends on agriculture as the main source of livelihood.



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