Girê Spî villagers adhere in their land despite continued shelling

The villagers in Girê Spî/ Tel-Abyed countryside cannot continue their live in safely and peace, due to the haphazard attacks of the Turkish occupation, which caused the loss of embryos who did not open their eyes to life, but the villagers confirm that they will remain on the land of their fathers and grandfathers.

Adana village is located to the west of the city of Girê Spî/ Tel-Abyed, and is one kilometer from the points of concentration of mercenary gangs affiliated with Turkey, and is subjected from time to time to shelling by the Turkish occupation army and mercenary gangs, which causes material damage to civilians' properties.

The village is mixture between the Arab and Kurds component, who are working agriculture and livestock. The Turkish occupation targets the farmers ’harvesters, which affects the crops of the people, and the children of the village are not able to play freely, while the people stress resilience and resistance.

"We don't care about guns' sounds."

Hazar Shad from Adana village, says that the countries of the world ignore the attacks they are subjected to, it is a partner of the Turkish state in these attacks, and added, "We live on our land, and after defeating ISIS mercenaries, our life was stable and calm, but the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries do not let us live In peace and security, as we are attacked daily, and we live in constant fear, they deliberately target civilians, with the aim of evicting the village and settling its mercenaries, and we, in turn, ignore the guns' sounds.

 ‘They killed the fetuses in mothers' womb

The continuous attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the village caused the loss of a number of pregnant women for their pregnancy, Khadija Mustafa said that three pregnant women from the village lost their fetus due to the attacks of the Turkish occupation, "Because of the continuous bombing, three pregnant women lost their pregnancy, so what is the fault of the fetuses who have not yet come out, to life?

"Stay on our land"

Shamsa Ali expressed their rejection of the occupation, and said, "If we are going to die, it is better to die on the land of our homeland, we cannot sleep because of the attacks, when the sound of the guns stops, we breathe a sigh of relief, so that our children cannot play in the streets of the village, we do not want our children to grow up in war ".



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