GIRÊ SPî people: Erdogan seeks to eradicate us, only our choice is resistance

The citizens of GIRÊ SPî / Tel-Abyed have shown that Erdogan intends to exterminate the people in the region, so they will remain steadfast and their choice is clear in the resistance and supporting the SDF.

This came in an interview with the people of the city of Tel Abyad, (ANHA) agency, about the Turkish threats to occupy the north and east of Syria and the displacement of its citizens and resettlement of others in their homes.

"We will defend the soil of our fathers and grandfathers, which was watered with the blood of our children who defeated ISIS," said Khalil Sidqi, who owns a refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance shop.

Sadqi confirmed that they are steadfast in their land and will resist alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces, which embraces all the people of the region, including Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Syriacs and Turkmen, "We will resist until our last breath," he said.

Faysal Abdullah, who works in a barber shop, said," We did not and will not give up our country no matter what ever cost, when ISIS occupied the region we tasted the bitterness of asylum and humiliation in Turkey, but this time we have only resistance and we will resist our strength to the last of us. ''

While Shamsa Mohammed Mustafa said, "We do not accept the presence of Turkey and its mercenaries on our land."Those who are now embraced by Erdogan (Turkey's mercenaries) are ISIS whose hands are stained with the blood of our children."

Shamsa stressed that she had two children had been martyred during ISIS infiltrated through Turkish border to Tel-Abyed city, into Tel-Abyed after they were expelled."

Shamsa explained that Erdogan intends to "exterminate us Kurds wherever we find", and the so-called safe zone and national security are arguments for the implementation of the genocide.



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