GIRÊ SPî notables: Constitution we do not participate in drafting, does not represent us

The notables of the Arab and Turkmen clans from Tel-Abyed said that the exclusion of participation of representatives of the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria in drafting the constitution of Syria and the recently formed Constitutional Committee paralyzes the committee, and stressed that the constitution they do not participate in drafting does not represent them.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced on 23 September the formation of the so-called Constitutional Committee, which is to be given a role in drafting a new constitution for Syria or amending the current one.  Meanwhile, the United Nations excluded representatives of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Council representing the regions of northern and eastern Syria from the committee, which caused resentment among the political and social circles.

Bilal Hassoun al-Khalaf, notable of al-Turkman clan demanded that those who contribute in drafting of the Syrian constitution and that are interested in the Syrian affairs to include in the committee honorable Syrians, who contributed to the unity of the homeland and resisted armed groups.

"The Syrian people have the right to write the constitution. We do not need foreign dictations that exclude some Syrians. We, the people of these areas, have done our best to protect the soil and unity of the homeland to live in security and stability. "

He concluded his speech, "The north of Syria suffered a lot during the Syrian crisis, and had the greatest effort in the liberation of a large area from ISIS mercenaries, we ask the United Nations that the people of this region have the right to make decisions of interest to Syria."

In a related context, notable of al-Bouassaf clan form the Arab component, Ali al-Humaidi, has expressed his regrettable of the exclusion of representatives of the children of northern and eastern Syria, who said that they have provided more than 11 thousand martyrs and nearly 22 thousand wounded during the war against ISIS.

"We will not accept any constitution in which we have no tongue. This committee is paralyzed from now. We do not accept. We are one people."

At the end of his speech, Ali al-Humaidi confirmed that they do not recognize a constitution they do not participate in drafting, and that they are ready to participate in a dialogue that gathers the Syrians together.




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