GIRÊ SPî council documents several violations against archaeological sites

GIRÊ SPî Canton Council has documented the crimes of the Turkish occupation state and its gangs against the civilizational and cultural heritage in the occupied canton, calling upon the organizations concerned to intervene and pressure them to prevent their violations on the cultural heritage in the areas they occupy.

Since its occupation of GIRÊ SPî/ Tal Abyed Canton Council on 9th October 2019, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have excavated and looted archaeological sites in Tal Abyed canton and its countryside, as well as turning a large portion of them into military bases, with the aim of obliterating the cultural identity of the area it from its civilizational heritage.

According to sources from the occupied canton and its countryside, a number of archaeological sites have been looted as Tel Sahlan, Dahliz, Sabi al-Abyed, al-Farr city and other archaeological sites, some of which have been converted into military bases as an archaeological Kafifa site.

In this regard, the GIRÊ SPî Canton Council is working through the Culture Committee to document crimes against archaeological sites in the occupied canton and its countryside.

According to the Administrator of the Culture Committee, Farhad Shoukry: "We are working to document the exposure of archaeological sites in the occupied areas of our canton through local sources from the region, where we have documented to date that many sites in the rural canton have been looted and destroyed."

Many archaeological sites were looted by antique traders under the direct supervision of Turkish occupier forces.

The Administrator of the Culture Committee noted that "many sites are currently being excavated by antiquities thieves under the facilities of Turkish occupation and mercenaries, which portends a cultural and cultural catastrophe."

According to the Cultural Body of the Autonomous Administration, there are 40 archaeological sites in the Turkish-occupied and mercenary region of GIRÊ SPî/ Tal Abyed Canton Council



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