​​​​​​​Gilo Issa: Syrian parties should stand by the people to confront Turkish ambitions

Gilo Issa called on the Syrian parties to stand with the people to confront Turkish ambitions targeting the entire Syrian soil.

The Turkish occupation continues to attack the sovereignty of the Syrian territories, striking all international laws and norms across the wall, starting from supporting mercenary groups and opening their borders to them to enter and spread destruction in Syria, especially ISIS and Al-Nusra Front, reaching to direct intervention in its lands.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed on the 5th of December this year that his country has no ambitions in the Syrian territories, and he called the greedy to get out of it.

However, the practices of the Turkish state and its policies in Syria, especially its occupation of several regions in the Syrian north, raising its flag in those areas, imposing education in the Turkish language, dealing with the Turkish lira, and most important of all this demographic change and the Turkish policies implemented by the ruling Justice and Development authorities in Turkey. It reflects the truth about the aims of the Turkish state in Syria, which is not compatible with what Erdogan said.

In a statement to Hawar News Agency, a member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (PDKS) Gilo Issa, said, "Turkey seeks to restore control of these areas in order to restore the Ottoman glories."

Issa pointed out that Turkey does not target the Syrian north only in its recent attack, but rather affects the rest of the Syrian regions through its support for mercenary groups including "Syrian National Army" that displace the population, kill civilians and loot property, all under the pretext of protecting Turkish national security.

Gilo Issa emphasized that the will of the people of the region was not broken despite everything Turkey did in Syria, pointing out that "it is the responsibility of the Syrian parties who speak on behalf of the Syrian people to stand with the people, and that all Syrians unite to confront the Turkish ambitions and violations that Turkey committed like crimes against the people of the Syrian north, which are crimes against humanity."

Turkey occupies several Syrian regions in the north of the country, practicing Turkish policies and demographic change, in addition to the widespread killing and looting of mercenary groups that Turkey supports and uses as a spearhead in its battles in the Syrian territories.



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