Ghayath Naisseh: Erdogan's regime hostile to freedom of Syrian people

General Coordinator of the Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria, Dr. Ghayath Naisseh, pointed out that the hostility of the Erdogan state and his regime of freedom-seeking Kurds and their behavior as a superpower put it in a bloody wars and conflicts that threaten to collapse.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched a new threat a few days ago to occupy areas in northern and eastern Syria, amid intensive Turkish military actions on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Commenting on the subject, the General Coordinator of the Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria, Dr. Ghayath Naisseh, talked to ANHA.

"It is clear that Erdogan's regime has long been hostile to any liberal project in Syria or any other country in the region. It supports the worst reactionary and terrorist organizations, and its regime is chauvinistically hostile to freedom-seeking Kurds," Naisseh said.

Naisseh pointed out that Erdogan and his regime are acting like a great imperialist state, although his country, does not have the economic and financial capabilities of such expansionist policy.

Naisseh added: "It is even involved in bloody and costly conflicts and wars, which will ultimately come to the fate of Turkey and threaten to collapse."

Naisseh added in the same context that Erdogan's threats to occupy more Syrian territory are not only part of the framework mentioned above, but also fall within the context of the complex relations between Turkey and Russia and America.

He said, "Turkey by these aggressive policies want to respond to the criticism of America to buy the system S-400 missiles from Russia and confirm its relation for greater cooperation with Russia, and the latter, to promote the step of Turkey, Russia had been silent about the occupation of Afrin more than a year ago, and may keep silence and let Turkey to expand and occupy more Syrian territory. "

"The aggressive behavior of Erdogan regime reflects his attempt to escape from his country's growing problems," Dr. Ghayath Naisseh said.

" The deployment of his forces in Iraq and Syria is not a force factor, it will weaken it," he added.

He called on the people and the democratic forces in Turkey and the countries of the world to confront the aggressive aggression of the Erdogan regime, which enters the entire region in flames of war, and destruction.

Naisseh concluded by saying, "It is the duty of all democrats and leftists in Syria, the region and the world to work against this unruly Turkish regime, stand up and solidarity with our people and our political forces in the areas facing all aggression against our people and our land."



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