Germany's recognition of genocide against Yazidis is positive decision, but not sufficient

 The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) confirmed that the German Federal Council's recognition of the crimes committed against the Yazidis;  genocide, is a positive but insufficient decision, and calls on international institutions to fulfill their responsibilities in line with their principles in order to solve the problems of the Yazidi people.

 Today, Monday, the Leadership Council of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) issued a statement regarding the decision of the German Federal Council to recognize the crimes committed against the Yazidis in 2014 as genocide, stating:

 “After the Council of the European Union and ten countries, the German Federal Council also approved the massacre that was committed against our Yazidi people in 2014 as a genocide, and the Kurdistan National Congress considers this decision important.

 In 2014, our Yazidi people were violently attacked by the terrorist ISIS and some of its accomplices;  With the aim of the genocide of the Yazidis, the aim of this genocide was, the elimination of our Yazidi people. Of course, the ISIS did not commit it alone, as there was a partnership by some regional countries.

The decision of the German Federal Council on recognizing the genocide is a positive decision, but it is not sufficient to heal the wounds of our Yazidi people and solve their problems. We need more decisions in line with the principles in order not to repeat the genocide and compensate for the damages and losses to some extent.

 "The safety and status of our Yazidi people must be guaranteed"

 The Kurdistan National Congress (KNC) demanded that international institutions fulfill their responsibilities in line with their principles in order to solve the problems of our Yazidi people who suffered genocide:

 Ensuring the safety of the Yazidis in Şengal and the countries in which they live.

 The will of the Yazidi people and the official status of the Şengal region must be recognized.

 The trial of the terrorist organization ISIS and the forces complicit with it in the genocide before the Court of Justice.

 Şengal and the areas inhabited by the Yazidis must be protected from attacks, especially from Turkish attacks

 In order to rebuild Şengal, an international project must be launched under the leadership of the people of Şengal.

 Creating opportunities for the Yazidis to return to their places.



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