German Defense Minister discusses with Shanhan fate of IS' foreigners

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen discussed on Friday at the Pentagon the fate of IS' foreign mercenaries who are detained by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

AFP reported on the German minister after meeting with her acting US counterpart Patrick Shanahan, saying about the fate of IS' foreigner mercenaries, "Once again, I have confirmed that we will address each case separately, but we are convinced that the main problem is to gather evidence in the region about terrorist activities."

The agency pointed out that the European countries refuse to return their citizens who went to Syria to fight in the ranks of Daesh to try them.

A Pentagon source said that Washington, which fears the escape of these terrorist mercenaries, suggests that conservative Europeans should fund safer detention centers could be built in Iraq.

Baghdad has proposed trying all foreign terrorists held in Syria for money, a solution that could allow the countries from where they came to settle their difficult return file, but it worries human rights organizations.

The German defense minister expressed satisfaction with the assurances she received about keeping an American force in Syria.

"The Americans reiterated that they would stay in the region in sufficient numbers," she said. "The coming weeks will reveal how each member (within the International Coalition against Terrorists) can burden-sharing," she said.



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