Gerila TV releases footage of military equipment seized during August 3 action

Gerila TV released the footage of military equipment seized from the Turkish occupation army during an action carried out by the guerillas on August 3 in Gire Amediye.

The HPG Media Office shared the following information regarding the action:

“On August 3 at 12.40p.m., our forces called for the surrender of the occupiers who had reached the war tunnels in the Resistance Area of Gire Amediye. The occupiers did not listen to our call and attempted to advance. On this basis, our forces carried out a sabotage action against the occupiers. Clashes erupted between our forces and the occupiers after that action. 2 occupiers were killed as a result, and 1 occupier was also injured.  A protective shield, one pistol, a camera and a military helmet with Haydar Çelîk on the name-tag were taken from the occupiers. The occupiers, which had suffered heavy blows, were forced to pull back. They retrieved their dead from the area in the middle of the night.”

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