Gaza without test materials, high incidence, death of coronavirus in Palestine and Israel

The Palestinian Ministry of Health recorded 7 new infected in the West Bank and the suburbs of the city of Jerusalem and Gaza, which raised the total number of cases in Palestine to 260, while the total number of cases in Israel rose to more than 9 thousand cases and death to 60.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 7 new cases of coronaviruses, one in Gaza, and 6 in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The ministry said in its daily statement: "The number of cases in Palestine has risen to 260 due to the new cases," warning against the increase in endemic areas in the West Bank, which threatens to record a large number of cases at a later time.

Yesterday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza launched an appeal to the world, after the requirements of the Corona Virus Screening and diagnostic medical tools in the Strip were executed.

In the same context, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced the registration of 474 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections in Israel to 9,006, and deaths to 60, after the death of 8 Israelis during the last 24 hours.

Among the infections, the ministry said, "153 cases were serious, 197 were moderate, and the number of cases connected with complete artificial respiration rose to 109."

She noted that: "Religiously Orthodox districts and neighborhoods have become hotbeds of the new Corona virus outbreak after ignoring prominent rabbis at first and even rejecting government orders to close educational institutions and limit attendance to the churches."

The Israeli government announced the entry into force of new emergency systems, granting the full closure of Israel and the power to prevent entry and exit from a specific area in the event of the spread of the Corona virus.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced yesterday evening the curfew and the separation of Israeli settlements and areas from each other, starting from today Tuesday at 4:00 pm until next Friday, during the "Easter" holiday in Israel.



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