Gamal Kurd: Turkish efforts to divide Syria failed, Idlib is expected to witness major battle

A member of the Public Relations Office in Afrin region Gamal Kurd said that all the Turkish efforts to divide the Syrian territory and the inclusion of Jabhet al-Nusra to the political table failed, noting that Turkey failed to pass its agendas through Sochi.


This came during an interview conducted by Hawar news agency (ANHA) with a member of the Public Relations Office in Afrin region Gamal Kurd on what is happening in the areas of Idlib where Gamal Kurd said that Idlib areas are expected to witness a large campaign during the next few days by the regime, stressing the need for Idlib people to go in demonstrations against the terrorist gangs and the Turkish state in Idlib.

After the meeting of Sochi, clashes escalated between the regime and the gangs of the Turkish state in "the demilitarized zones" in your opinion, what do these escalations and to what stage the region will be reached?

Erdogan did not expect the outcomes of the meeting of Sochi. The President Rohani and President Putin's statements to protect the Kurds and not to address the issue of north-east of Syria were a big blow to his dreams of entering the areas of north-east of Syria and fighting the project that has become a nightmare for him. Erdogan is an enemy of the Syrian people, especially the Kurdish people, so he tries repeatedly to target the areas of north-east Syria, while the other reason for Erdogan's aggression on the regions of north-east of Syria is the lack of acceptance of the administration in these areas of Edrogan's occupying projects and undermining the security and stability in the region.

Idlb city is experiencing a great crisis as the region is witnessing clashes among the parties in the city, in your opinion, what is the cause of these clashes and in the service of whom they are?

The clashes and contradictions witnessed by the city of Idlib are not for the benefit of the Syrian people, but factions' fighting is the desire of some international sides, especially Russia, where the clashes that took place between Jabhet al-Nusra and the faction of Nour al-Din al-Zenki and some other factions are for Russia to certainly confirm to the public opinion that Jabhet al-Nusra controls Idlib city.

The other side of the cause of these clashes is Erdogan's failure to place Jabhet al-Nusra and other militant factions at the political table to have a future in the Syrian political solution. Erdogan's failure means that the border areas of Hama and Lattakia are expected to witness a major campaign by the Syrian regime, where the regime would besiege Idlib city in full to carry out another campaign in those areas.

What is the Turkish state seeking in Idlib?

It is possible to say that Turkey felt that the failure occurred after all attempts to divide the Syrian territories and annex some territories to Turkey as it did in the Iskenderun, but the uncovering of these schemes led to the weakness of the Turkish position. Turkey is now looking for a new way to sell these factions that have not managed yet the reality of the Turkish state and that they are used as a pretext to earn special gains for the Turkish state so I expect to see Erdogan's withdrawing from the square of Idlib, but in a face-saving way because the gangs would pose a threat to Turkey if it withdrew openly, Turkey today is looking for a way to protect itself from these gangs.

In your opinion, Idlib to where, and what is your message to the people?

We call upon the people of Idlib to demonstrate so as not to commit massacres like those that took place in the other Syrian regions. The time has come for the people to move against the armed gangs and factions and against Turkey in particular. The Syrian people, with all its components, do not want any region in Syria to be subjected to massacres. There is no solution except the Syrian-Syrian rapprochement and popular action against mercenary gangs.



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