Gabriel: Despite international appeals, Turkish occupation continues to violate ceasefire

The official spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kino Gabriel, pointed out that the Turkish occupation continues its threats to the northeast regions of Syria, explaining that it is not possible to exclude Turkey from launching a new attack on the region despite all the agreements and guarantees.

The Turkish occupation has launched its attacks on the northeast regions of Syria since October 9, 2019, in an effort to expand its occupation, as it committed serious crimes and violations against the peoples of the region, and as a result, it occupied the cities of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî / Tal Abyad. It still continues its attacks and military operations within the regions of northeast of Syria.

The official spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kino Gabriel, and in a special statement to Hawar News Agency explained that the Turkish occupation is gathering its forces in the Ain Issa region and some other occupied areas of Syria and violating the ceasefire, despite international calls for the necessity of a complete cessation of military operations and a ceasefire in the rapid outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic that threatened all humanity remained.

He said, “However, the Turkish state has increased the severity of its attacks and violations.” This matter makes us always cautious toward any Turkish attack on the region, especially in this stage in which the Turkish state continues its threats and allegations that the Syrian Democratic Forces are the ones that violate the agreements that were approved in October / October 2019, as an excuse to complement its new military operations and violations in the region. "

Regarding the relation of the recent Astana meeting with the continuation of Turkish attacks on the regions of northeast Syria, he continued, "There is no specific comment on this issue, as a statement was issued from the recent Astana meeting, which was generally clear enough regarding the regions of northeast of Syria and AANES. And, I do not think that this meeting can be linked to what is happening in the region during or before the meeting.

He pointed out that there is coordination and joint action between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the forces that concluded agreements during the month of October of 2019 with Turkey, which stipulated the necessity to stop military operations and shootings. Russia".

Regarding the SDF's objectives in coordination and communication with the international coalition forces, he said, "We seek jointly with these forces to document all events and violations that take place in areas occupied by Turkey, and to limit violations and any new military attempts the Turkish state seeks to implement in the north and east regions of Syria".

Regarding international appeals for the necessity of a ceasefire worldwide and the threats posed by military operations in light of the rapid outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, he said, "We, as the Syrian Democratic Forces, have declared our commitment to this step completely, but the Turkish state continues to violate it through artillery shelling mortars, drones, and more. "

Gabriel noted that the attacks of the Turkish state and its threats to obtain new military operations will lead to thwarting global efforts to stave off the spread of the Coronavirus, and concluded his statement: "These Turkish attacks threaten the security and stability of the region in general, as it is likely that there will be displacement operations in the event of any military operations. This, in turn, will affect the global efforts to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. "

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