Future Syria Party: Our project is national project,  does not threat anyone

The General Secretary of  Future Syria Party(FSP) said that the project established in north and east of Syria does not threaten security of any party amid the threats of the Turkish occupation to occupy the region under the pretext of protecting its national security.

Hevrin Khelef the general secreatery of FSP said to ANHA that she refuses the Turkish attacks agianst the project established in the areas of north and east of Syria because it is a national project and did not threat the security of any party.

The Turkish state 10 days ago, stepped up its threats and started to mobilize its mercenaries near Gire Spi canton.

Khelef said that we as FSP we concern about the Turkish people and the Kurdish people of all components .

Khelef said that we condemn these threats and Erdogan must retreat and stop its threats.

Khelef called to adopt the negotiations with the Turkish side and to protect the security of the Kurdish and Turkish people.

US and Global Coalition officials have met with SDF and with the Turkish state on last Monday and Tuesday.

The Turkish officials made contradicted statements over the meeting  with the US officials, Hulusi Akar, while the Minister of the Department of Defense said that they have agreed with US over the issue of the buffer zone, while Turkish Foreign Minister Moloud Jawishoglu expressed his discontent over the results of the talks with US.

"We seek Syrian-Syrian dialogue and reject any foreign intervention or invasion of the occupation of our territories," member of FSP Mohammed Shehaza said in the same context."



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